NGF132, From Scratch to 40 CR Valuation.

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  • June 22, 2024
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NGF132 Vehicle Parking Tag: Privacy and Security at Its Best

The NGF132 Vehicle Parking Tag is designed to provide unparalleled privacy and security for vehicle owners. It incorporates several innovative features to ensure both convenience and peace of mind.

  1. Private Contact

    • Your contact details remain confidential. When someone needs to contact you, your personal information is not disclosed, protecting your privacy at all times.
  2. WhatsApp Update

    • Stay informed with real-time updates via WhatsApp, SMS, and masked calls. This feature ensures that you are always reachable without compromising your contact information.
  3. Upload Files

    • Securely upload your vehicle documents and access them with an OTP. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that only you or authorized individuals can view your sensitive documents.
  4. Emergency Call

    • Add emergency contact details to your tag. In case of an emergency, responders can easily access these contacts, ensuring timely assistance and added safety for you and your vehicle.

The NGF132 Vehicle Parking Tag represents a perfect blend of technology and user-centric design, offering a seamless and secure experience for vehicle owners in the digital age.