Social Media Manager

Social Media Management

Do you want us to manage your social media accounts? We will add posts and grow your followers with time. 
What we will do includes below 
We will create your Instagram, facebook and Twitter Pages, Maintain them with brand colors, posts, hashtags and get you followers upto 4k. We Will research and post on your social media daily. 

  1. Create images, titles, and #tags related to your business
  2. Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages 
  3. We will post 3 days a week 
  4. we will optimize the timings/days for the post for the best result and keep the brand colors/fonts in the post
  5. Provide you with a report monthly about the posts and growth
  6. we will also do meetings for any feedback and suggestions. 

We will help you grow your social media account and make it look professional, we use AI and machine learning tech to know the best-performing keywords and posts. We will make your social media elegant and professional. its Great for Brand building. 


Some of frequently asked questions.

YNAPS is a group of startups where we develop new tech for the world to use. Our Latest ventures are NGF132 and Nodly's

YNAPS Web is a part of YNAPS where we do make websites and APPs for clients all over the world. after 12 years of experience in this tech, we built Nodly's 

No YNAPS never had a investor and would never have any, we dould only raise funds in our startups but not in umbrella company, YNAPS ! 

Yes if you have an exceptional idea, or talent, please reach out to us at or ! 

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